Your BWRT appointment

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Making an enquiry

  • Just fill in the enquiry form on the Contact page of this web site.
  • I will get back to you to arrange a preliminary chat and we can go through some admin and set up our first session.

Your first session

On our first session I will work through some exploratory questions with you so we both have an understanding of what needs to be fixed, and to find out if there are any complications or any other issues that may need to be explored as well.

BWRT consultation
Free your mind

Is BWRT really 'content free'?

BWRT is mostly content free (certainly compared to other therapies), so I won’t need to know all the details of past events or current issues, I also don’t need to know the full timeline of events like many therapies do; but I do need to understand what is causing you problems, and how it affects you.

Do I need to bring anything?

If I’m seeing you at The Practice Rooms, just bring yourself and some water or a soft drink

If we are doing the session via zoom or WhatsApp, it will be helpful if you can find a quiet, private space where you won’t be disturbed to do the session, and it will definitely help if you have headphones

Zoom consultation