Why do we suffer from fears, phobias and other bad stuff?

Fears, Phobias, Anxiety and self-limiting beliefs are all learned behaviours. 

The brain learns what to do for every new thing it encounters;  based on its understanding when it first encounters an event, it generates a response that it thinks is appropriate.

The next time it encounters the same event it automatically triggers the same learned response it used before … and it does this before the information reaches our conscious awareness. This is how we learn to do things such as riding a bike or playing a musical instrument.

Most of the time the learned response is beneficial to us and keeps us functioning and safe.

But sometimes the brain decides, and learns to trigger a fear response, or an avoidance action for something that doesn’t need that response … and once that fear response has been learnt, it will happen every time.  

This fear response is difficult to overcome because the learned response is triggered before we are even consciously aware of it.


And this is where BWRT can help …


It involves a unique method of replacing unhelpful responses such as anxiety , fear or avoidance with a preferred response which is more helpful to you.


Release anxiety


Anxiety is a very common and can limit how you live your life. It can affect sleep, work life, social interaction and personal relationships. Quite often clients go untreated for years, meaning that when they do come for help they often present with anxiety about multiple things. BWRT is very effective at treating anxiety as the BWRT process can help you ‘unlearn’ the anxiety response and replace it with a safe, helpful response.


Fears & Phobias

Fears and Phobias can range from mild discomfort to debilitating panic attacks. Fears and phobias often develop in childhood and are often responses to traumatic events that were not fully understood at that time.

The brain remembers and ‘tags’ specific things about that trauma and if it sees any of those tags again it can trigger a fear response to avoid the same perceived ‘danger’ happening again.

BWRT can help by reprogramming the brain to associate new neural pathways to a preferred response to the perceived threat which in turn quickly and completely removes the fear


No more fear
Do instead of doubt

Self-limiting beliefs

Self-limiting beliefs can hold people back in their careers, their social interactions, and in relationships often without the client even knowing they have a self-limiting belief.

It is not uncommon for people to question why they never get that promotion, or why they struggle when they meet people for the first time, or why they just don’t feel good enough.

BWRT can help by replacing that learned self-limiting belief with a preferred response of success



Most frequently asked questions and answers

This varies depending on the complexity of the issues you seeking help with. Although for a simple fear or anxiety many clients issues are fully resolved after just 1 or 2 sessions

Unfortunately there isn’t a therapy in the World that can offer a 100% guarantee of success, but BWRT is very effective most of the time

This varies, although most clients are utterly amazed and are often lost for words as they didn’t believe it could be so effective so quickly. Sometimes you may feel a little detached for a few minutes while the brain continues to link new neural pathways to your new preferred response

In a word, ‘No’.. The part of the brain we are working with has no real concept of time, so it doesn’t make much difference if your problem has been with you for 30 years or 30 days

No. BWRT is different from any other therapy and it should work just fine.


Results from successful BWRT therapy appear to be permanent, but if you do have a slight return of any symptoms these can be quickly and easily dealt with


Well, BWRT is mostly ‘content free’ so you won’t need to tell me anything you are uncomfortable talking about


No. Although many BWRT practitioners are also qualified in Hypnotherapy and/or NLP,  the BWRT session is carried out with you fully conscious and alert, and does not involve any kind of Hypnotherapy or NLP